I've got some baby cuteness coming your way this morning! Meet Natalie, the new addition to the Alpert family. I've photographed Andy & Betsy's adorable pup Sampras before, and I was so happy when they contacted me to do some newborn shots of their delightful little bundle. Natalie has some of the most gorgeous, bright eyes I've seen. Baby fever, anyone?

Natalie got a little fussy because I interrupted her eating schedule (who wouldn't?). Other than being hungry that one time, she didn't make a PEEP! I was impressed.

Little bum!

Sampras loves his lil sis.

How freaking cute is that tutu!?!?

We tried our best to get a "big brother Sampras" and "little sister Natalie" shot, but Sampras was a tad too preoccupied with getting his treats. : )