Thank you all SO MUCH who participated in my giveaway. I really appreciate your help and Alden does too! I decided the winner by assigning a number to each eligible person in the succession of comments listed. Here was my list:

Meg Petersen - 1 Beth Thrower - 2
Becca Forrest - 3
Meg Branson - 4
Nicole Hughes - 5
Cindy Byrne - 6
Annika Featherstone - 7
Andrea Ballocchi - 8
Mary Irvine - 9
Nathan Clendenin - 10
Christina Cox - 11
Rachel Link - 12
Kate Lord - 13
Darcy Rice - 14
Carolyn Stotts - 15
And then I used random.org to generate a random number. Here's the winner!
Congratulations to MARY IRVINE! I will be sending you a Polaroid camera and pack of instant film soon! Thanks again to everyone who participated, and please know that your donations to the film will help tremendously! Stay tuned; I've got a super cute engagement session coming later today! : )