Last week and weekend was a whirlwind (but a fun one!). We celebrated our one-year anniversary in Savannah for a week (a lovely, much-needed vacay!) and then came back to Athens to move. Athens to Rome -- sounds pretty good, doesn't it? We just love those European city names. ; )

The hubs will be starting his new job this summer, so Melissa Tuck Photography is officially now based in Rome, Georgia! No worries, though, I'll still be booking weddings and sessions all over the state of Georgia, the Southeast and beyond... still love to travel.

As you can probably imagine, I'm a little behind on my edits as we get settled into the new place and get things up and working. It is a BIT overwhelming. Thank you in advance to my amazing clients for your continued patience as we adjust to a new home. There are many things I'm excited about with the new location, but setting up a new meeting place for clients IN our home and starting a garden has to be at the top of the list. : )

I'll leave you with a few Instagram pics from our move and new house. (Excuse the poor quality of pics -- the Android's camera phone isn't the best.)

Top left: The hubs packs the last of things in Athens. Top right: our new rental house! Bottom left: the new kitchen (it's WONDERFUL and the photo doesn't do it justice). Bottom right: fireplace in the kitchen with many canvases and art we've yet to hang.