We got a new puppy. Are we insane? Maybe. The hubs has wanted a third dog for awhile, and I finally caved. He is a Cavachon -- a mix between a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Bichon Frise. Hubs and I joke that he's a mix between Bella and Sadie. : ) We got him yesterday and have named him Riley. He has gotten along well with his sisters so far. Bella has asserted her Alpha female on him a few times, and Sadie thought it'd be hilarious to roll in pooh this morning for attention... but all in all, everyone is getting along nicely. : ) If it takes me longer than usual to respond to emails/calls, it's because I'm on puppy duty while the hubby is at work. Thanks in advance for everyone's patience as we all settle into a routine! Meet Riley (snapped this of him this morning -- he needs a bath!).

And just for good measure, one of the three amigos. : )