Behind the Scenes with CNN + THE AVETT BROTHERS

Back in September, I got to meet my music idols: The Avett Brothers. Seriously, I think the amount of times I've seen them in concert is now in the double digits, or at least close to it. My husband and I love listening to them so much that our wedding video is set to their music. : ) CNN interviewed The Avett Brothers in advance of their performance at Music Midtown in Atlanta, and I got invited along as a freelancer by my friend, Nick Scott, who is a multimedia gatherer and producer extraordinaire at CNN. You can go see CNN's awesome videos from the shoot HERE.

The band played one of my favorite songs, "The Once and Future Carpenter," off of their new album, "The Carpenter." Rolling Stone just named "The Carpenter" as one of the 50 Best Albums of 2012. Go check out the album -- the lyrics are genius.

While CNN shot and produced videos, I shot documentary stills. It was seriously one of the best hours and opportunities of my life. Seth, Scott, Bob, Joe and the whole crew was so laid back. And their music is so meaningful. Keep rockin' out, y'all!