Ohhhh, how I LOVE photographing newborns. Are you ready for your heart to just melt right out of your chest? Meet Emma Kate. You may remember her lovely parent's maternity session that I shot in Charleston not too long ago. I photographed Blair + Anna on February 9th and this little one decided to make her appearance on February 27th! You see, Emma Kate's due date is three days from today (April 18th). That's right -- you read that correctly -- she's still negative three days old. : )  Anna started showing signs of preeclampsia, so the doctor quickly recommended a c-section birth.

Emma Kate was born weighing a whopping 3 lbs, 14 oz. Such a TINY thing! She stayed in the NICU for 20 days before getting released to go home. As parents, I can't imagine how hard it must be to not bring your baby home right away.

Normally, I photograph newborns around 7-12 days old, but sweet little Emma Kate was so small (and not even allowed to be at home) that we waited until a more calm time. So now, here she is at 35 days old. Y'all, I can't even describe in words how much I loved photographing this sweet family of three (plus their adorable pup, Clemson!). Anna & Blair, y'all know how much I love y'all. Thank you for letting me be in Emma Kate's "top 10" list. ; )

Baby yawns are. the. BEST.

These blankets were given to Emma Kate as prayer blankets.

I love this photo because it looks like Emma Kate is on the lookout for something. Haha - cracks me up!


Love the burrito baby. : )

A favorite!