Today, we celebrate our two-year wedding anniversary.

The feelings this photo evokes describes perfectly how I feel for my husband: comforting, serene, content.

At some point last year, a close friend who isn't married told me something like this: Man, y'all make marriage look like a walk in the park. Welp, anyone who is married (and is being honest with him/herself) knows... marriages are anything but easy. You have to compromise a lot, you spend an insane amount of time together (and that's hard for ANY relationship without getting at each other!), and you have to constantly be aware of how your decisions affect each other.  In my frank opinion: it sure isn't easy. We're all human. You have days when you disagree, you have days when you doubt... BUT (and this is the best feeling)... knowing you always want to fight for each other makes it all worthwhile.

On a bad day, Ryan picks me up, washes away the grief and tells me all will be okay. On a good day, Ryan makes the good even better by sharing in life's joys with me. I couldn't ask for a better partner for which to share life. He's pretty special, and I'm lucky to call him mine.

We will celebrate this weekend by treating ourselves to an out-of-town trip before wedding season REALLY gets cray-cray. Love you, Ryan. Thanks for being my rock. xoxo.

Photo by N Harris Photography.