I have to be honest: I'm not really a morning person. Let's just say that it takes me a little while to get going. You night owls know what I'm talking about! Ironically, though, I LOVE shooting morning sessions. On a good weather day, the light is just so clear and beautiful. And for this morning shoot, it was no exception. I had the privilege of photographing little Sim at three months old, and I was pumped when Leigh (aka Mom) asked me to do family photos at six months. We did the session at Berry College, and I'm thrilled with the results. Ryan (aka Dad) had to dip out a little early to head to work, so Leigh's mom got some shots with her grandson at the end. : ) Enjoy this lovely family! ***Update: Correction - Sim is ~8.5 months in this session. Time totally flies and escapes me! Sorry to the parents for getting this incorrect the first time.***

As we were prepping for the next spot, a truckload of teenage baseball players walked through on their way to summer camp, and I thought it was hilarious that they were so interested in what we were doing.

LOVE.I included this next one because Sim's expression reminds me of a photo from his three-month session (picture follows - like father, like son!). : )

Love, love, love.

A little juxtaposition with outtakes. Sim is hilarious.


Proud grandmother. : )

The next photo illustrates how on-the-move he liked to be!