Brooklyn // Our Spirited Adventurer (7 months to 1 year)

It seems like yesterday that I posted photos of our teeny tiny ball of light. But our baby girl isn't such a baby anymore. Brooklyn is an assertive and delightful little toddler, who started walking early and hasn't stopped since! Her personality is blooming (/is in full bloom), and she's just got the sweetest disposition. She gives the BEST hugs and her laugh breaks our heart on a daily basis. There have definitely been some hard times (teething and short naps come to mind, phewwww!), but the good moments FAR outweigh the rough ones. We call her our wild child, and I'm SO grateful and proud that she's my kid.

I haven't shared photos of her on the blog since she was about 6.5 months old so these photos are long overdue! They begin when she was about seven months old and go up until just before her first birthday. We experienced so much during this time. To name a few: Brooklyn met her great grandfather, she had play dates with good friends, we visited the National Aquarium in Baltimore, we vacationed at the beach a couple of times (SHE LOVES THE BEACH!), and we visited the cherry blossoms in D.C. during the peak season.

I seriously cannot believe that our spirited adventurer turned 17 months old this week. With baby #2 on the way soon, I'm starting to nest and reflect more. : ) I'll have more photos to share soon! Here is a little piece of my heart...