Book-Themed Shower for Baby Girl Tuck

Apologies in advance, but I've got a little more bragging to do. : ) Last weekend, my parents-in-law threw the hubs and me a book-themed baby shower. It was so creative and so impressive! Everything was matched with children's books: the delicious homemade food, the favors, lanterns crafted from book pages (forgot to photograph those in the excitement of seeing everyone!), a "baby" movie word jumble, a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" cupcake display... It was all so elaborate and gorgeous! And best of all, our favorite couples in the area came and brought our baby girl some wonderful books. She has quite the beginnings of a library collection now! We just wanted to send a heartfelt thanks to everyone who made the shower, and most of all, much love to Ryan's parents for planning and executing such a beautiful afternoon. We couldn't be more grateful.



"Green Eggs and Ham" display...!Frederick-MD-babyshower-couples_0002

This was too clever: the "adult" beverage/punch station was matched with "Where The Wild Things Are." : )Frederick-MD-babyshower-couples_0005

Swedish fish for favors!Frederick-MD-babyshower-couples_0006Frederick-MD-babyshower-couples_0007Frederick-MD-babyshower-couples_0008

This was really special... Everyone who came to the shower wrote in this keepsake book for baby girl. : )Frederick-MD-babyshower-couples_0009Frederick-MD-babyshower-couples_0010

Stuffed animal from future Auntie Kars (who couldn't make the shower)!Frederick-MD-babyshower-couples_0011

Ryan with his brothers and me with my preggo friends in attendance. : )Frederick-MD-babyshower-couples_0012Frederick-MD-babyshower-couples_0013

Both sets of parents!Frederick-MD-babyshower-couples_0014Frederick-MD-babyshower-couples_0015