Today, I woke up and was hit with a period of reflection. Time is a funny thing. When we first found out we were pregnant, time seemed to creeeeeep along as slow as molasses. The first trimester -- the scary period when you're worrying about miscarriage and you don't feel comfortable sharing your big news -- seemed to go on FOR.EV.ER. The second trimester flew by. Literally... I feel like I blinked and we were at 28 weeks. WHAT?! Now? NOW I'm at 36 weeks. My body has changed dramatically, my hormones are FULLY ragin' (case in point: tears are currently welling up in my eyes), and my love for my husband -- who has been so wonderful throughout the pregnancy -- has peaked to a new level. He's been the best at keeping me comfortable and calm, and I know he's going to be an incredible father.

It'll only be a short month before she is here and I am in FULL nesting mode. I'm trying to take the time to relax now before our world is flipped upside down (in the best way possible, of course). I am anxious and excited to meet her. To hold her little hands and kiss her little feet. To experience one of the most wonderful things imaginable. I know things will be messy and imperfect, but that's okay. I'm ready to embrace mama-hood fully and feel my capacity for love to grow exponentially.