Sara married her man this past weekend (#lehnertlove!), so I'm able to share her bridals on the blog today. : ) We met up at the gorgeous Meridian House and grounds for her session. It was 100+ heat index that day (phew!) but I don't remember Sara complaining one bit (because we were hoping for the rain to hold off -- and it did!). I met Sara freshman year in college at UNC; we lived across the hall from each other! She is such a sweet, fun, silly, beautiful person and I thoroughly enjoyed capturing these important moments in her life. Enjoy the photos that stood out to me! Loges-bridal-blog_0001Loges-bridal-blog_0002Loges-bridal-blog_0003Loges-bridal-blog_0004Loges-bridal-blog_0005Loges-bridal-blog_0006Loges-bridal-blog_0007Loges-bridal-blog_0008Loges-bridal-blog_0009Loges-bridal-blog_0010Loges-bridal-blog_0011Loges-bridal-blog_0012Loges-bridal-blog_0013Loges-bridal-blog_0014Loges-bridal-blog_0015Loges-bridal-blog_0016Loges-bridal-blog_0017Loges-bridal-blog_0018

Love her spinning! She did a lot of this on the dance floor on her wedding day. : )Loges-bridal-blog_0019Loges-bridal-blog_0020Loges-bridal-blog_0021Loges-bridal-blog_0022Loges-bridal-blog_0023Loges-bridal-blog_0024Loges-bridal-blog_0025Loges-bridal-blog_0026Loges-bridal-blog_0027