CAROLINE + CAMERON - Southport Community Center Wedding

Ohhhh where and HOW do I begin? Let's start with an image where you can just straight up FEEL the love radiating between these two:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just brings a smile to your face, doesn't it? : )

Caroline and Cameron were married on a super windy day in July at the Community Center in Southport, NC. It was threatening bad weather the majority of the day, but the rain held off until later in the evening. The wind gusts actually did ah-maaazing things for Caroline's veil and kept everyone cool (enough). I had such a wonderful time spending the day with this crew. There were emotions galore... hence the megapost! MUCH happiness to you both, C-squared. ; )

And a big thanks to Logan Mock-Bunting for coming along to second shoot with me!

Cameron's sweet card had Caroline pretty choked up. : )

I couldn't decide which ring shot was my favorite:

The kids at this wedding were SO flipping adorable:

Yes - you see correctly. He was breakdancing.

Caroline's mom's toast elicited some funny reactions from the crowd...

Sweet mom/daughter dance:

A funny moment happened when - out of nowhere - Caroline and her sister's young voices came on the speaker...