2014-Holidaycard-SS We couldn't resist using the top photo in our holiday card this year. Brooklyn looks like she's punching herself and she's making the MOST hysterical face. I had plans of writing "We hope you have a "knockout" of a New Year!" but Shutterfly's design wouldn't let me edit the text and in my 11 p.m. haze of ordering the card, it was all I could do to get photos together to fill the spaces. : ) And plus, taking a decent photo with three furry children and a squirmy, wanna-be-active-all-the-time six-month-old is nearly impossible. I think my dad found a new appreciation for my job that day when he took our family photo. ; )

Whatever and however you celebrate, the Tuck family wishes you the brightest, happiest holiday season. I'm going to be away from my computer until after the new year. When I return, I plan to blog my last remaining wedding from 2014 (looking at you Mer & Ryan!), my annual Year in Review (yay weddings and families and babies!) and a couple of posts about Brooklyn (since I've YET to do hardly any!). Lots of love!

(Thanks to Anna Routh Photography for the bottom left photo of Brooklyn. Going to share more images soon from the session she did for us when the little lady was three weeks old!)