LAURA + JEFF - Bryn Mawr Wedding (Part II of II)

Laura & Jeff were married in the backyard of Jeff's parents' home in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. First, a "there's no place I'd rather be than here with you" shot...  : )

Laura and Jeff are two of the most selfless people I know. They met registering voters at a Barenaked Ladies concert and the rest, they say, is history. ; ) Jeff - a talented writer and researcher - works as an urban planner in Philadelphia, and Laura teaches at West Philly High School, where she's created a couple of ahhh-mazing rap videos to keep her students amped up about school. Watch the current one about success for a real treat (she's the one in the orange!).

There are so many special elements that went into this wedding. The pair comes from different traditions, and out of these, they created a unique Jewish and Presbyterian hybrid ceremony. They honored each other's beliefs in such an elegant and respectful way. More to come on the details during the post ...

I LOVE their wedding bands - Jeff designed Laura's!

The dress is special because it was also worn by Laura's grandmother and mother...

The groom's parents preparing for the day ahead. I adore this moment.

There wasn't a mirror in the room where Laura was getting ready, so she just used her sister's Macbook's Photo Booth. Love it.

Jeff's mother sees Laura for the first time:

... and then Jeff does. : )

I grew up going to Laura's family's house every other weekend. I always love their extreme goofiness!

Jeff's sister's sons... Sam & Max. How ADORABLE are they?!

The chuppah was decorated with pieces honoring the loved ones who have passed away in Laura and Jeff's lives.

The ketubah (Jewish wedding contract) was absolutely gorgeous!

Jeff and Laura wrote their own vows. They are both eloquent beyond belief and had me crying like a baby behind my camera...

It is a Jewish wedding custom to serenade the wedding couple with seven blessings, focusing on joy, celebration and the ongoing power of love. To add their own spin, Laura and Jeff invited seven friends to offer them personal blessings:

Breaking of the glass - MAZEL TOV!

Designer extraordinaire Mark Kingsdorf of The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants did a BEAUTIFUL job with all the details and made sure the day went off without a hitch. He was also a pleasure to work with!

They had colorful flip-flops available for all the ladies with sore feet at the reception - genius!

Okay, this is THE coolest wedding favor I've seen to date: Jeff and Laura actually recorded a CD for their guests! They are both talented musicians - such a creative personal touch! Go here to listen to their awesomeness. : )

Love Jeff's face here during the hora. ...

Laura's parents' turn - such HILARIOUS facial expressions that I had to create an animation:

Sarah, Laura's twin sister/maid of honor/AND one of my good friends, gave such a heartwarming toast...


Laura's father mimicking Laura as a child. ... So funny.

Friends of Laura and Jeff made a guitar-themed cake and cupcakes to acknowledge their passion. SO fun!

Jeff placed a Krenzel, or crown, on his mother's head and performed the Mezinke Tanz, a dance to honor the parents who have married off their last child.