KELLY + ASHER - Revolution Mill Studios Wedding

Normally, I don't begin a post with an illustrated ring shot, but I love this one SO much because it has such significance to the couple... AND it's such a timeless, romantic song lyric. : )

Kelly and Asher both grew up in North Carolina, but they currently live here in Athens, where they are both working toward their PhDs at the University of Georgia. The Modern Skirts is a band that is native to Athens, and they ROCK. If you haven't heard any of their music, go listen to the song that Kelly & Asher chose for their first dance together. I just died when I saw that the couple had incorporated a quote from their first song into their program cover. So touching!

Kelly and Asher were married on an absolutely gorgeous (and non-humid!) day during Labor Day weekend at Revolution Mill Studios in Greensboro, NC. They had their Jewish-Christian hybrid ceremony (yes! my second within a month of each other!) outside in the courtyard. Kelly's grandfather and a rabbi co-led the ceremony together. The day was also very special to Kelly's parents, because Kelly's grandpa also married them in 1976 on the same day that he married Kelly and Asher. So sweet! I'm going to keep things mixed up a little and start with the guys first:

Hiding from the groom before portrait time. : )

This little guy passed out before the ceremony even started! Precious.

To me, there's nothing more heartwarming than a groom's face as he sees his girl walking down the aisle.

Such pretty blonde curls!

The crowd got a chuckle when the last bridesmaid was set to leave the ceremony by herself and instead got escorted by two friendly bystanders. ; )

Congrats you two! It was such an honor to share your special day!