Love these two.

When Laura got in touch with me to do some engagement photos for her and Jay, I was SO excited because I know how much fun Laura is. She's just so laid back and endearing, and it turns out that Jay is equally as fun and chill. : ) These two are so perfect for each other; they don't take themselves too seriously and make each other laugh nonstop (which is so important, in my humble opinion). And their good-natured personalities are so infectious; I was laughing just as much as them!

Laura and Jay both went to UNC-Chapel Hill for undergrad so we gallivanted around campus. To me, this place never gets old, the light was gorgeous that day and they were SUCH a treat to photograph. Congrats little sis (Alpha Delta Pi-sis!) and best of luck you two! We started at the Bell Tower where Jay proposed. This first series is the exact spot:

Laura's mom bought them a fake plastic engagement ring when they got engaged so we HAD to have some fun with it. : )

I think this one is my MOST favorite.