I try and do at least one nonprofit shoot a year and this one just screamed to me. I was born a preemie (along with my twin, Heather), and I've never actually visited a NICU before. I had the opportunity and highest privilege to photograph some beautiful preemie babies over the holidays, because Melissa - a past bride of mine - contacted me about photographing at the NICU where she works. She thought it would be great for the families who can't take their babies home from the hospital over the holidays. I think the world of Melissa and what she devotes to her job and these gorgeous children. A direct quote from this superstar woman: One of the many reasons why I love working for the March of Dimes is because I'm surrounded by people who are passionate about seeing a world where every baby is born healthy. Along with the shoot, I'd also like to donate $1 per comment on this post to the March of Dimes (similar to my Cans for Comments last year), so please... comment away! And without further adieu, let me introduce these adorable bundles of light...

***Update: I've had such an overwhelming response of comments, that I need to cap my donation at $50. I really appreciate everyone visiting, and I'm so touched by all the comments. Thank you!!!***

First up, we have Ja Michael, who is "dog gone cute" ... : )

He didn't like it so much when we took his pacifier out. : )

Next, we have Cameron, the "Little Surf Dude." Don't you love that he's already throwing the peace sign?!

The nurses in the NICU are quite extraordinary...

Cameron wasn't at his best health when we visited so we couldn't move him around, but his little legs were kickin' the whole time! Future soccer player? : )

Next we have a preemie who was getting discharged with her mother that evening (and I didn't catch her name):

Such a cute little yawn. I'm dying!!!

And lastly, we have twins - Khalen & Kahlil - who had been in the NICU since September 11th. Their mom was there visiting with them:

So precious.

Thanks again to Melissa for asking me to step into the lives of these beautiful babies!