Let me just go ahead and lay it down for you: Patty and Scott are awesome. Period. Patty is my sister-in-law's younger sister and her family is like family to me, which is why I call them all pseudo-relatives. : ) Patty and Scott grew up (and currently live in) Connecticut, but Patty's family has been vacationing in Hilton Head Island for a long time. I was so psyched to do an e-sesh with them in such a beautiful place. We couldn't have asked for better weather, and I couldn't have asked for better company. These two have obvious chemistry -- they were all smiles the whole time! It gave me warm fuzzies. : ) We started out the shoot by wandering around the woods (on the side of the highway, mind you), then we weaved our way through some Spanish moss. To end the session we headed to the beach, where Patty & Scott stomped on sand castles and showed me their amazing Dirty Dancing moves. I am excited to share these images - enjoy these two beautiful spirits!

I about fell on the ground laughing when Patty pulled out the fake punch. (Love-hate relationship? Jk.) Hilarious!

Ten points for Scott -- he did a great job picking out her ring!