This couple is a special one to me. As I grew up, Dallas was my brother's best friend and he was like a second big brother to me. After college, he moved to Copenhagen, Denmark for his job and met a girl. Not just ANY girl... the girl he eventually asked to be his wife. And let me tell you. This. girl. is. amazing. She lights up a room, puts a smile on your face, listens with her whole heart and, above all, makes Dallas the happiest man on Earth. I was incredibly touched when they asked me to come all the way to France to shoot their wedding this summer... not to mention EXCITED AS ALL GET OUT. I got the chance to travel to France for the first time and see where Anne-Laure grew up, which is on the charming island of Noirmoutier. A couple days before their wedding, we explored the beach and woodsy areas of the island and did some engagement photos. I had them smooching in trees, on the sand, in the marsh... It is a lovely place! And they are one lovely pair. And Anne-Laure gets ALMOST as excited as I do about beautiful light and sun flare. We must be kindred spirits. : ) On to the photos - their wedding is up next!

For the above photo, I asked them to look tough. I straight up told Dallas he looked constipated. And then, the awesome below photo happened. Reaction shots are sometimes the best! : )

A little nod to The Karate Kid...


AAAAND one of the many reasons I love this couple: great sense of humor. This is hysterical.