KIM + RYAN - The Reserve at Lake Keowee Wedding

For Kim & Ryan's wedding, I was asked to second shoot by my photo buddy Courtney Potter of Cana Collective. I was really looking forward to shooting with C-Pot because it had been awhile since we'd collaborated on a wedding together. However, Courtney had been battling some unwanted, sickening parasites for quite some time upon her return from Africa and just couldn't shake her "little friends" by the time Kim & Ryan's big day arrived. I was so grateful that Courtney could turn to me and ask me to step up and take on the wedding with fellow UNC photojournalism alum John Adkinsson. What are [photo] friends for? : ) Kim and Ryan, thank you for welcoming John and me with open arms! I've posted a handful of my favorites from this couple's gorgeous wedding day at The Reserve at Lake Keowee in Sunset, South Carolina. (And thank goodness - Courtney's parasites have finally left the building! Stay well, my friend.) Enjoy this fun group!

Ryan is at least a whole head taller than Kim, so one of the ring bearers surprised everyone by bringing up this foot stool for Kim to stand on for the couple's first kiss. : )

LOVE this.

Super fun wedding party!

One of Kim's brothers gave a really touching/funny toast.