Well, it's true. My iMac has gone kaput again. This time, Apple thinks it's due to the repair they performed last week... so it's on high priority to be fixed. My friend who lives in Copenhagen (and one of my recent brides that I photographed in France last summer) helped me to see the brighter side of things in light of my gratitude post last week:

"It sucks my iMac is again getting fixed" turns into "It's great my iMac is getting fixed in the US cause in Denmark it would have easily taken up to 4 weeks." And I swear I'm not joking. Example: Two of our windows broke at work. One in my office. It's freezing cold here and the wind comes in. Estimated time for a new window = 6 weeks AFTER we have the confirmed quotation. So I hope this cheers you up. At least you're in a service-minded country. : )
Love this gal. Thanks for putting things into perspective for me! Here are a few posts that will (hopefully) hit the blog next week. : )
Dennis + Morgan's wedding
Hunter + Kristin's engagement session
Beth + Mark's wedding