As of spring next year, the dogs will no longer outnumber the humans in our growing family. That's right! That's not (entirely) a "food baby" you see. : ) Baby Tuck is 15 weeks old today, and we couldn't be happier to share our news with everyone! It's been a long, challenging year and a half, one that has changed us forever and made us stronger as individuals and a couple. No one ever tells you how hard this whole process is ... (at least before the delivery room and the changing station). As our OB told us in a moment of levity, it's amazing this process ever works! But, with the hard days behind us ever in our hearts and minds, we're so excited to only be looking forward ... to all the exciting things that this baby has in store for us. Belly-14wks5dys-0001-webBelly-14wks5dys-0002-webOf course, our "first" babies are just as excited too. Looking ahead, I've promised them just as much blog exposure as Baby Tuck. : )


And as a final note: please let this serve as a pseudo-explanation for my recent reduction in blog activity. The first trimester wasn't so conducive to work productivity. : ) Can't wait to share more with y'all soon!


Sometimes when I edit photos, I get emotional. Like tears-streaming-down-my-face emotional. And this is one of those times. : ) Meet Julia Lee Williamson, my new niece. She is so precious and beautiful. My brother and sis-in-love had their second child last month, and I'm so happy for their growing family! It is such a privilege to spend time with and photograph families, especially when the family is my own. I traveled to Florida to photograph Julia when she was 24 days old. And I also snuck in some snuggles with her. : ) Dylan, my nephew, is getting more used to seeing me with a camera in front of my face. All I have to say is: Aunt "paparazzi" Mel is going to be around for awhile! Enjoy Miss Julia and family.

I love Julia's 'fro in these photos!

Dylan wanted to model in the basket after Julia! Too funny.

She has SO much hair!

"Show us your teeth, Dylan!!!" : )

Little darling lips.


Rosemary has the most precious blue eyes! She was a joy to photograph, and even when she got slightly unhappy... milk did the trick! I find this hilarious because she is TEENY TINY! Enjoy favorites from my time with this beautiful family.

Such a sweet smile!

Love this.


You may remember this precious face on my Facebook page yesterday...

Today is the day to feature Ella! : ) While I always love the opportunity to photograph EVERY baby that I can : ), there IS a little something extra wonderful when I get to photograph a baby born to a close friend. Ella's mom, Allie, and I have been friends since high school. I can remember us in dance class and yearbook together like it was yesterday.

I was honored and humbled when Allie and Matt asked me to take photos of their fourth-month-old baby girl. Isn't she the sweetest? She has so many great expressions, and I loved the QT with her parents. : )  Allie and Matt are such naturals, and I am so proud of them! Congrats on your beautiful little bundle!

Allie MADE this mobile. How talented is she?! Mad skills!

I love Ella's nursery!

Ella looks like she's thinking about something really deeply here. : )

EEEEEE! One of my absolute faves!

Sometimes the crying ones are precious too...!

LOVE the chubby legs!!!

Love her little lips here...

That adorable black mop (hehe) in the right-hand side of the frame is their pup, Fleury. He's so stinkin' cute! For a better look at his awesome coat, go HERE. : )

I love how Ella's looking at Allie here. Melts my heart.


I've got some baby cuteness coming your way this morning! Meet Natalie, the new addition to the Alpert family. I've photographed Andy & Betsy's adorable pup Sampras before, and I was so happy when they contacted me to do some newborn shots of their delightful little bundle. Natalie has some of the most gorgeous, bright eyes I've seen. Baby fever, anyone?

Natalie got a little fussy because I interrupted her eating schedule (who wouldn't?). Other than being hungry that one time, she didn't make a PEEP! I was impressed.

Little bum!

Sampras loves his lil sis.

How freaking cute is that tutu!?!?

We tried our best to get a "big brother Sampras" and "little sister Natalie" shot, but Sampras was a tad too preoccupied with getting his treats. : )