Photobooth = FUN!

I can now speak from personal experience when I say that some of our favorite photos from our wedding came from the photobooth. It's an ideal setup: you get memorable, laugh-out-loud photos while allowing your wedding photographer more creative freedom during the reception to capture all those details you spent so much time planning. It's a win-win situation AND it is super fun for the guests! Over the weekend, I asked the hubby to model for my new photobooth setup. We came out with some giggle-worthy photos... and included the pups, of course. Also, I'd like to give a shout out to my mom for buying the hats you see below for me. I'm sure they'll come in handy for some kiddo shoots in the future. : )

Couples, if you're interested in adding a photobooth to your wedding package, shoot me a note! It doesn't disappoint.

Bella HATED the hats, but she was a good sport. Ha!

Self timer yeeaaah!


Good Monday mornin', folks! If you follow my business page on Facebook, you'll know that I've been dealing with some iMac issues recently. Yes, my powerhouse machine is in repair, and I have to do without it for another 7 days (at least)...ick. BUT the good news is that everything is under warranty and it'll work like new (I'm told) once I have it back. I'm announcing this on my blog for two reasons: 1) I ALWAYS BACK UP EVERYTHING, so clients... rest assured, not one single photo will be lost! And 2) I understand how incredibly anxious everyone must be to see their wedding pictures, but my trusty dusty laptop just can't handle that many photos at one time. However, I refuse to sit idle for a week... therefore, to still be able to work while the iMac is in the shop, I'm doing as many smaller sessions as I can...slowly. : ) As soon as I get my machine back, I'll work as quickly as my little fingers can edit. I am so grateful for everyone's continued patience during this frustrating time. NOW! On to this cute pair and their fabulous engagement shoot. Meagan & Oscar will be married next June in Charlotte, NC. We started out in the hip, colorful neighborhood of NoDa and then headed over to Freedom Park to include some green and their adorable pups!

Interesting side note: Meagan first found my blog by browsing through my wedding pictures from our awesome Charlotte wedding photographers The Schultzes. Thanks for the link, Cheyenne! So glad you found me, Meagan. : )

Aren't they SO CUTE?! The yellow one is Mari and the chocolate one is Bella. : )

Haha...the photo on the right cracks me up. Mari kept giving me the "SQUIRREL!" face from UP (the movie).

JENNA + HARRISON - Claxton Farm Wedding

I love when you can feel a couple's tenderness just pouring out of a photo. This is how I feel about this first image; there's no place else they'd rather be but in each others arms. You can feel it.

Harrison affectionately calls Jenna "hippie." I met Jenna in college, and I've always loved her "hippie" (read: giving, carefree) spirit. : ) And everything about this wedding was local and interwoven full of details and help from family & friends. I loved so much about it -- from their dogs as part of the wedding party to their photobooth "wish tree" at the reception. And OH MY GOODNESS was this reception full of fun people! There were definitely some dancers breaking it DOWN!

Bride's dress and bridesmaids dresses: J.Crew Groom and groomsmen attire: Ties - The Belle and The Beau; Pants - Kenneth Cole Makeup: Jane Tarry, with guidance from Jessica Easler Hair: Jennifer Borneman of Bottega Florals: Meredith MsKissick of Sweet Earth Flower Farm Cakes: Homemade by Nona Beckham (Jenna's mother), Martha Weber (Harrison's mother) & Angela Scott (Jenna's mother #2) Ceremony music: Blue Ridge Tradition Reception music: Sound Extreme Weddings Caterer: M7 Event Solutions Challah bread served at the reception: Homemade by friend Rachel Hines Photo Wish Tree: Made with love by Ellis Weber Rentals: Classic Event Rental Invitations/programs: and Planner: Jenna : )

Jenna & Harrison were married in mid-September in the mountains of Weaverville, North Carolina on a breathtakingly beautiful day at Claxton Farm. I was overjoyed to be there to capture their special moments throughout the day. I believe they are quite the match, and I wish them more happiness than their hearts can hold. Congrats! : )

This trivet belonged to Harrison's grandmother:

This furry friend was here to greet us as we arrived at the farm... Bouncer? : )

Mom/daughter share a moment. These girls were SO full of energy. Loved hanging with them!

Jenna loves yoga, so I thought I'd try a group shot idea that I'd been holding on to for awhile... I like it. : )

Jenna, you are SO beautiful.

I about lost myself in giggles when I saw Hatfield's tie.

Brother/sister share a post-ceremony hug. : )

SUPER adorable cake toppers. : )

Signature drink: margarita!

Below is Jenna's "second mom," and BOY was she breaking down during the reception. I LOVED it.


Because I just got back from France and have zero time to write, I will save the gushfest about how much I love this couple (Beth is my cuz!) and get straight to the photos. I met up with Beth and Mark at Jetton Park in Cornelius, North Carolina and here are some of my faves! Can't wait for your wedding this November you guys! : )