Meet baby Ira. He will tug at your heartstrings -- that's the truth. Isn't he SO unbelievably adorable?! I'm extremely thankful to Jenna + Harrison for introducing me to Nola, Josh, Ira and Nico (their pup!). After spending only a couple of hours with this sweet family, it was evident how much love they share. Enjoy precious baby Ira at around two months old -- look, he's waving to you! : ) Washington-DC-family-photographer_0001

Nico photo-bombs early on in the session... !Washington-DC-family-photographer_0002Washington-DC-family-photographer_0003Washington-DC-family-photographer_0004Washington-DC-family-photographer_0005Washington-DC-family-photographer_0006Washington-DC-family-photographer_0007Washington-DC-family-photographer_0008Washington-DC-family-photographer_0009Washington-DC-family-photographer_0010Washington-DC-family-photographer_0011Washington-DC-family-photographer_0012Washington-DC-family-photographer_0013Washington-DC-family-photographer_0014Washington-DC-family-photographer_0015

LOVE this one...Washington-DC-family-photographer_0016


We did this session a few days before Halloween, so of course we had to do one in his costume...!Washington-DC-family-photographer_0026Washington-DC-family-photographer_0027Washington-DC-family-photographer_0028Washington-DC-family-photographer_0029Washington-DC-family-photographer_0030Washington-DC-family-photographer_0031Washington-DC-family-photographer_0032


Meet an adorable little boy at eight days old: Jay. He was such a sweetheart during his first photo shoot! I also thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the whole family, especially Jay's older sibling, Mac, who is such a proud brother! Leave them some love, y'all. : )

I heart baby lips.

Mac! Isn't he equally precious?

LOVE this black & white. So sweet.

Big brother Mac and little brother Jay. Heart melting.


Everyone, please meet one beautiful family: Branson, Cristy, Caroline and lil Branson. Branson is the older brother of one of my very good friends from college (had to give you a shout out, Becs!). : ) When they were interested in a family session, I went berserk with excitement... Not only are they all gorgeous but they are even more fun to hang with! Caroline gave me some sass on cue (so precious!), and lil B's faces throughout the whole shoot were just too hilarious. I met up with the Page posse at Duke Gardens on a gorgeous afternoon in early April. Now, I normally don't ever give Duke University any compliments (go UNC!), but these gardens are such a gem. I didn't realize how big they were until we started walking around; I don't think we even got to one third of the space! Enjoy some time with this sweet family: