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I'm so excited to share this next session with y'all. Laura Beth & Keith are two of the most easygoing, sweet, FUN people that I've photographed. I had a crazy awesome time shooting their engagement photos in and around Athens. I'm so sad I'm not going to be able to shoot their wedding, but I'm SUPER happy to have gotten to know them a little. Get ready for a treat to start your week. : )



I had so much fun with Erica and Patrick on their engagement shoot. In fact, they were a ball! I met up with them with a few days to spare in 2011 (my last shoot of the year!) in Salisbury, North Carolina. I met Erica in college at UNC-Chapel Hill, and it was so great to see her again and meet her hubs-to-be! I'm excited to shoot their D.C. wedding next summer. Erica told me they might incorporate Cheerwine into the wedding; the cherry-flavored soda's birthplace is in Salisbury (where Patrick grew up), so we had some fun at the beginning of the shoot. : ) Enjoy this adorable pair and stay tuned later this week for a recap of 2011!

I posted the next photo especially for Erica because she got really excited when their shadows made an "M," which is the first letter of the name they'll share as husband & wife! : )


Good Monday mornin', folks! If you follow my business page on Facebook, you'll know that I've been dealing with some iMac issues recently. Yes, my powerhouse machine is in repair, and I have to do without it for another 7 days (at least)...ick. BUT the good news is that everything is under warranty and it'll work like new (I'm told) once I have it back. I'm announcing this on my blog for two reasons: 1) I ALWAYS BACK UP EVERYTHING, so clients... rest assured, not one single photo will be lost! And 2) I understand how incredibly anxious everyone must be to see their wedding pictures, but my trusty dusty laptop just can't handle that many photos at one time. However, I refuse to sit idle for a week... therefore, to still be able to work while the iMac is in the shop, I'm doing as many smaller sessions as I can...slowly. : ) As soon as I get my machine back, I'll work as quickly as my little fingers can edit. I am so grateful for everyone's continued patience during this frustrating time. NOW! On to this cute pair and their fabulous engagement shoot. Meagan & Oscar will be married next June in Charlotte, NC. We started out in the hip, colorful neighborhood of NoDa and then headed over to Freedom Park to include some green and their adorable pups!

Interesting side note: Meagan first found my blog by browsing through my wedding pictures from our awesome Charlotte wedding photographers The Schultzes. Thanks for the link, Cheyenne! So glad you found me, Meagan. : )

Aren't they SO CUTE?! The yellow one is Mari and the chocolate one is Bella. : )

Haha...the photo on the right cracks me up. Mari kept giving me the "SQUIRREL!" face from UP (the movie).


Mary & Nick are two of my most favorite people in the world. I am honored to be in their wedding next spring (woooo! can't wait!), and I was equally as honored to do their engagement photos. I'll save y'all the gush fest about how much I adore them (I hope they know just how much!) and jump right in to the task at hand. : ) We had such a fun day! The weather was perfect and the light was ahhhh-mazing (once again!). Mary & Nick's shoot was a true reflection of them -- classy (but not stuffy), lighthearted and sweet. We incorporated some of their favorite spots: West Franklin Street in Chapel Hill and Maple View Farm's Country Store in Hillsborough. Please take a moment to enjoy this beautiful pair (inside and out)!

The Crunkleton is Mary and Nick's favorite Chapel Hill bar. We stopped in so they could order a cocktail.

Ice cream cheers! : )

This makes me laugh. So much.

For an even more personal touch, they brought some of the many letters & cards they've written each other over the years. So sweet!

You're gorgeous, Mary.


I'm pretty much obsessed with the aesthetic beauty and magical light of this engagement session... couldn't. choose. favorites. So, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the lovely time I shared with Katie & Kyle. I'm so pumped for their wedding next June!


I posted this image because we were having difficulties with the chickens and roosters (they were CHARGING US!). I love Katie's body language. Un.com.for.table. : )

They are getting married on the 9th. : )

SO fun!

SO many favorites in the following field series... going to go ahead and say that I love every photo so I don't comment before EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. : )