My heart is full.

Thanks SO much to everyone for the well wishes on our second pregnancy. We're overjoyed and thankful you can share in our happiness!

I think I've finally figured out my new blog — the technical aspects, anyway; formatting and style comes next! Double bonus points that I figured out how to import content from my old blog URL ( — at least dating back to August 2010. Hooray for not having to say goodbye to five+ years of blog content!  My old blog will be deleted soon. Moving forward, please come to this URL: ALL of this to say that I will be able to start blogging on a regular basis SOON!

And so I leave you with my full heart in one photo: Brooklyn and the hubs on the beach with the wind blowing through their long locks. : )


Mother's Day is this weekend. Remember to give your mama some extra special love and appreciation. I'm thankful that I get to see my mom early next week! Here are some of my favorite moments of her from my wedding day in 2011. Common theme: Mom likes to show excitement. Love that. : )

And also, because it's the first Mother's Day that my mom won't have her mom here with us, here are a couple of my wonderful Nana, who is missed a whole lot:

Thank you to The Schultzes for these treasured memories. Love you, Mom.


Sometimes when I edit photos, I get emotional. Like tears-streaming-down-my-face emotional. And this is one of those times. : ) Meet Julia Lee Williamson, my new niece. She is so precious and beautiful. My brother and sis-in-love had their second child last month, and I'm so happy for their growing family! It is such a privilege to spend time with and photograph families, especially when the family is my own. I traveled to Florida to photograph Julia when she was 24 days old. And I also snuck in some snuggles with her. : ) Dylan, my nephew, is getting more used to seeing me with a camera in front of my face. All I have to say is: Aunt "paparazzi" Mel is going to be around for awhile! Enjoy Miss Julia and family.

I love Julia's 'fro in these photos!

Dylan wanted to model in the basket after Julia! Too funny.

She has SO much hair!

"Show us your teeth, Dylan!!!" : )

Little darling lips.


Rosemary has the most precious blue eyes! She was a joy to photograph, and even when she got slightly unhappy... milk did the trick! I find this hilarious because she is TEENY TINY! Enjoy favorites from my time with this beautiful family.

Such a sweet smile!

Love this.