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This Sunday is Father's Day. Today's schedule is a little hectic, so I couldn't find time to look through old photos like I wanted to, but I at least wanted to share some snapshots of my father with y'all. He's goofy, loving and cares deeply about family. Thank you, Dad, for being the man that you are (even if you do call me "Melissie Pooh-Pooh Head" sometimes). Love you! Dad at Sunset Beach with Bella:

Some favorite moments from our wedding day in 2011 (thank you to The Schultzes, once again!):


Oh, how I love this family. If you follow this blog, you definitely should recognize these folks. : ) I've had the pleasure of shooting Melanie, Mike, Luke & Conner several times (our most recent Easter shoot!), and last summer, I traveled to France to shoot Dallas & Anne-Laure's engagement and wedding photos. I really can't put into words how much this group means to me. Growing up, they were like a second family to me, and I'm so happy to continue to know and love them. I was super excited when Anne-Laure emailed me from Copenhagen a few months ago to schedule a full family shoot when she and Dallas were going to be in the States.

The shoot was fun, silly and full of sunshine! We even encountered a small obstacle, but it was nothing this family couldn't shake off with a smile. I love you, Lunsford family! : )

The ladies. : )

Aunt Anne-Laure and Uncle D are so fun!


Love these two people!

Haha I love Conner in this one...

And we had to finish the shoot with some emotions!



Ohhhh how I LOVE this family. I've done a few shoots with Luke & Conner now [1, 2], and it's so amazing to see how personalities develop as kids grow up. Now that they are two years old, I can tell that Luke is the more mischievous one and Conner is the more pensive one. And it totally shows up in the photos! Mike and Mel, thanks for continuing me the privilege of photographing y'all! I had a blast! Lots of love. : )


If you follow this blog regularly, you'll remember this sweet girl from around 16 months ago:

Emma Grace now has a younger brother, and he's just as gorgeous!

I caught up with the Helms family again recently and got to meet their newest edition - Noah, who is five months old. Emma Grace is now 20 months old. How time flies! We enjoyed some time in the park in downtown Belmont, North Carolina. Thanks for a fun afternoon y'all! : )

Emma Grace LOOOOOOOVES to slide. It was so sweet to see such a huge smile light up on her face every time she went down.

How cute are their matching outfits?

Noah was straight up chillin' in his basket. Love it.

Their cousin, John Parks aka "Peezy" (love that nickname), stopped by for a few shots.


Everyone, please meet one beautiful family: Branson, Cristy, Caroline and lil Branson. Branson is the older brother of one of my very good friends from college (had to give you a shout out, Becs!). : ) When they were interested in a family session, I went berserk with excitement... Not only are they all gorgeous but they are even more fun to hang with! Caroline gave me some sass on cue (so precious!), and lil B's faces throughout the whole shoot were just too hilarious. I met up with the Page posse at Duke Gardens on a gorgeous afternoon in early April. Now, I normally don't ever give Duke University any compliments (go UNC!), but these gardens are such a gem. I didn't realize how big they were until we started walking around; I don't think we even got to one third of the space! Enjoy some time with this sweet family: