freedom park


I haven't shot that many engagement sessions this year, and it's a shame, because I LOVE shooting engagement sessions. This one almost got rained out, too (for a second time -- crazy weather)! But I'm so glad it didn't, because Cameron and Brandon are awesome. During their e-shoot, we talked about alligators and how Brandon dabbles in photography, and we discovered new parts of Freedom Park with beautiful flowers. : ) This couple is so sweet, and I really enjoyed myself. Can't wait for their October wedding!

One of my absolute faves. : )


Courtney and Shane got married last weekend in near-perfect weather. I had a wonderful time shooting on their wedding day and can't wait to share! Today, I get to show you beautiful Courtney's bridal session that we did last March. It was a little early for blooms in North Carolina, so we started out at a greenhouse (my first and LOVED it!). You may have already seen my mini-post about how amazing Rountree Plantation is in Charlotte. Let me reiterate: they are AWESOME -- so knowledgeable about plants and super helpful and accommodating for Courtney's session. I couldn't be more thankful to them and love how the photos turned out! Enjoy lovely Courtney, y'all. : )

I wanted to take this farm table (and everything on it) home, y'all.


After the garden center, we headed to Freedom Park (on a chilly day!) for some outside shots.

And here is the one Courtney chose to display as a canvas at their reception!


It only took a few minutes for Marina & Justin to warm up in front of the camera. They are so comfortable together and happy and it certainly shows! I met up with them to do their engagement shoot in Charlotte, NC. We started out just around the corner from their neighborhood -- Freedom Park -- and then (because of the spotty rain), we headed uptown to the Urban Garden. Such a cool spot with lots of natural light. Enjoy a glimpse in the world of these two lovebirds. : )

Love this one!

Another absolute fave!

Work it, Marina!


Good Monday mornin', folks! If you follow my business page on Facebook, you'll know that I've been dealing with some iMac issues recently. Yes, my powerhouse machine is in repair, and I have to do without it for another 7 days (at least)...ick. BUT the good news is that everything is under warranty and it'll work like new (I'm told) once I have it back. I'm announcing this on my blog for two reasons: 1) I ALWAYS BACK UP EVERYTHING, so clients... rest assured, not one single photo will be lost! And 2) I understand how incredibly anxious everyone must be to see their wedding pictures, but my trusty dusty laptop just can't handle that many photos at one time. However, I refuse to sit idle for a week... therefore, to still be able to work while the iMac is in the shop, I'm doing as many smaller sessions as I can...slowly. : ) As soon as I get my machine back, I'll work as quickly as my little fingers can edit. I am so grateful for everyone's continued patience during this frustrating time. NOW! On to this cute pair and their fabulous engagement shoot. Meagan & Oscar will be married next June in Charlotte, NC. We started out in the hip, colorful neighborhood of NoDa and then headed over to Freedom Park to include some green and their adorable pups!

Interesting side note: Meagan first found my blog by browsing through my wedding pictures from our awesome Charlotte wedding photographers The Schultzes. Thanks for the link, Cheyenne! So glad you found me, Meagan. : )

Aren't they SO CUTE?! The yellow one is Mari and the chocolate one is Bella. : )

Haha...the photo on the right cracks me up. Mari kept giving me the "SQUIRREL!" face from UP (the movie).


Ohhhh how I LOVE this family. I've done a few shoots with Luke & Conner now [1, 2], and it's so amazing to see how personalities develop as kids grow up. Now that they are two years old, I can tell that Luke is the more mischievous one and Conner is the more pensive one. And it totally shows up in the photos! Mike and Mel, thanks for continuing me the privilege of photographing y'all! I had a blast! Lots of love. : )