ALBUMS: New Leather Albums by KISS

Since I started my business, I offered the Sequoia by WillowBook as my 10×10″ leather album; however, it's time for a change, and I’m happy to announce that I am now offering 10×10″ leather albums by KISS! My 4x4" mini albums are from KISS, and I've just fallen in love with the company. I love the preciseness and quality of the printing, and the beautiful, modern colors. Here is my new studio sample (color is blossom) and some sample layouts from Heidi + Eric's wedding in 2012. The other colors available (on the ring, front to back) are: midnight, midtown, picket fence, something blue, sunflower, tiffany, twig, amalfi coast, aquamarine, baby elephant, black tie, blossom, brazil nut, canvas, chocolate, latte & lipstick. (PS: these photos are minimally edited to stay as close to the color offerings as possible.)

Please enjoy my new album! If you're interested in ordering one of these beauties, please message me through the contact tab. Each album comes with an adorable fabric cover to protect and preserve. Optional upgrades are cover imprinting and/or a presentation box.

And if leather doesn't tickle your fancy, take a peak at my 10x10" fabric albums.

The gutter is minimal, which allows for beautiful across-the-spread layout design and printing.

Lay-flat pages!

This is stamped by KISS on the back for studio sample purposes only.


Now that wedding season has calmed down a bit, I made it a priority this week to get examples of all my current product offerings on the blog, and I've just about done it! I recently posted about my albums, so now it's on to photo books! First up is the 7x7" hard-cover book. It is available in a white or black cover with 25 of your favorite images inside. You can also choose the cover photo. I think it works great as a display on your coffee table, but it's also lightweight enough to carry with you. The photos are printed one per page on silk-finished, matte pages.

And I also have 4x4" little KISS books, which come in a variety of colors (not shown: brown & pink). The books come in sets of two (identical photos/cover) with 20 photos each. For the cover, you have the option of leather or linen (I prefer the leather as it's a bit more flexible), and the pages are non-bendable, hard-backed. I love these as gifts because they're affordable and pocket-sized... GREAT for carrying around in bags/purses to show a snapshot of the wedding! And they come with such a cute fabric cover! I'm in love.

Past couples - shoot me an email if you'd like to order any of these. Future couples - get excited! Happy weekending. : )