photo book


Now that wedding season has calmed down a bit, I made it a priority this week to get examples of all my current product offerings on the blog, and I've just about done it! I recently posted about my albums, so now it's on to photo books! First up is the 7x7" hard-cover book. It is available in a white or black cover with 25 of your favorite images inside. You can also choose the cover photo. I think it works great as a display on your coffee table, but it's also lightweight enough to carry with you. The photos are printed one per page on silk-finished, matte pages.

And I also have 4x4" little KISS books, which come in a variety of colors (not shown: brown & pink). The books come in sets of two (identical photos/cover) with 20 photos each. For the cover, you have the option of leather or linen (I prefer the leather as it's a bit more flexible), and the pages are non-bendable, hard-backed. I love these as gifts because they're affordable and pocket-sized... GREAT for carrying around in bags/purses to show a snapshot of the wedding! And they come with such a cute fabric cover! I'm in love.

Past couples - shoot me an email if you'd like to order any of these. Future couples - get excited! Happy weekending. : )