Father's Day

Thank you for always caring for and loving us in a big way. You are the ultimate motivator, giggle maker, teacher, comforter, dance partner, jungle gym (and on and on and on...) our kids could ever ask for. You are so sentimental that you don't ever want to delete videos of the kids off your phone, so here's a little something special for you. Love you, so very much. (PS -- turn your volume up!)

Theodore: Newborn // Baltimore, Maryland Newborn Photographer

Because of my inability to blog in a timely fashion, it's been a few months since Theodore was welcomed into the world. : ) I'm happy, though, to finally share some photos from when he was just seven days old. Enjoy this charming boy who was full of smiles! (Guest appearance from his sweet older brother, too!) Love this fam.

The Wood Family // Leesburg, VA Family Photographer

Hey y'all, I'm back again. : ) I adore this crew! I met up with this adorable family in Leesburg, Virginia last fall for a delightful time. It was a little chilly, but the sun was shining and so were their faces. They recently welcomed their littlest into the world and I couldn't be happier for them. Congrats, y'all! Enjoy a glimpse into our session.

The Staiger Family // Washington, DC Family Photographer

This family is always LOADS of fun, and I am lucky to call them friends. I first photographed this crew a few months after Birch (the big sis) was welcomed into the world. Now the littlest one - Maeve - is here and they are SO darn cute together. And I can't forget big (puppy) bro Hank, who loves hamming it up for the camera. Thanks for inviting me back, y'all. Time spent with you guys is a real treat!

The Russell Family // Baltimore, Maryland Family Photographer

A quick note about something that's been on my mind: people have asked me recently if I'm giving up photography. Absolutely not! But you see...because I now have two gorgeous little ones who basically run my life : ), I have had to scale back considerably on the amount of shooting that I do. I used to photograph 30+ weddings and 20+ sessions a year but being a mommy to our little loves is now most important in my life. I'm lucky enough to have a partner that allows me to stay at home with our kids (I realize that it is a privilege that a lot of families don't have). I will admit (like probably most SAHMs would) that it's hard sometimes having to focus all your energy on the kiddos, but these years are so important and only happen once. So to come back full circle: even though my priorities may have shifted, photography is still a big passion of mine and I plan on shooting as much as I can.

Okay, back to the photos. : ) This is another one of my faaaaavorite families. I have been lucky enough to photograph a lot of milestones for this family: Bernadette and Casey's engagement session and wedding, Harrison's newborn photos, Harrison's one-year photos and now his two-year photos. I LOVE documenting a family as they grow. Since we did this shoot in late October, the Russells have welcomed their newest son, which I will also be sharing later on : ). For this session, we met at Fort McHenry in Baltimore. It was an unseasonably warm day and Harrison was in an extra adorable mood. I just LOVE how he squeezed his mama and showered her with kisses every time I asked him to cuddle with her. Enjoy the love of this family. : )