Brooklyn // Pumpkin Patch

A couple of weeks ago, I took Brooklyn to Butler's Orchard to pick a couple of small pumpkins for our front stoop. She LOVED it, and I loved watching her frolic around the patch. The weather was perfect - sunny and temperate - and after picking pumpkins, we sat under a tree and ate blueberries together. The morning will forever be embedded in my heart.

As time gets closer to the birth of our second child, I am having such mixed emotions. I cannot wait to meet our little man and bond and grow our family. I know my heart will expand tenfold. On the other hand, I'm getting a little weepy that it won't be just Brooklyn and me anymore. When the hubs is at work during the week, we've become each others' side kicks, and I'm doubtful that I'm ready to start dividing my attention. So even though I'm getting more and more tired as the third trimester progresses, I'm trying really hard to make these moments count and soak up all her loveliness and charm. Here's to filling up the memory bank with my original muse.