"You're so money and you don't even know it." -- Swingers When I think of my experience at WPPI in Las Vegas last week, I think of this quote (and it's not only because the movie is set in Vegas). This quote encompasses how I felt before experiencing the largest photography convention and trade show in the world (15,000+ photogs!). Then I had the chance to hear so many inspiring photographers who have built themselves wildly successful businesses and you know what they all had in common? Number one: they truly value their art, and number two: they strike a work+life balance that allows them to stay energized throughout the year. Now, this doesn't mean I walked away from the conference feeling high and mighty (in the least bit); it just means that I have a rejuvenated zest for wedding photography, and I need to go confidently in the direction of my dreams and live the life I've imagined! [paraphrased from Thoreau] ... And I need to remember that I am money every once and awhile. ; ) So in my experience, what happens in Vegas, will NOT stay Vegas; I'm so excited to share what I've learned and to grow my business to new levels!

Here's a little snapshot of my time. I'll start with one of the many amazing sunrises from the window of our hotel room:

Here are some photo friends from North Carolina: Jenny Tenney & Lauren Cowart. These ladies have ridiculous talent and such lovely souls! I had a great time with them. : )

Jasmine Star. Loved her!

Tamara Lackey making a funny face. : ) Her presentation focusing on a work+life balance really touched me.

The super talented Jose Villa (who shoots solely on film). I die over his style.

And yes, I asked for a photo. : )

First night out exploring Vegas...

This long exposure isn't perfect, but I still like it. : )

Second night out wandering around!

We had to visit The Bellagio - who could forget the awesome scene from Oceans Eleven?!

I took this series of photographs inside The Bellagio with the intention of making an animation. I love the kaleidoscope effect it creates!