This little precious boy -- Owen Patrick -- was 9 days old when I photographed him. Newborn sessions are such a favorite of mine these days. Every time I leave a family's house, I can just feel a huge smile on my face. I mean, come on, snuggling newborns?! I am so grateful. Thanks to this sweet family for inviting me into your home to photograph this adorable little one. DC-newborn-photographer_0001DC-newborn-photographer_0002DC-newborn-photographer_0003DC-newborn-photographer_0004DC-newborn-photographer_0005DC-newborn-photographer_0006DC-newborn-photographer_0007DC-newborn-photographer_0008DC-newborn-photographer_0009DC-newborn-photographer_0010DC-newborn-photographer_0011

Of course we had to get some of big sister Olivia as well! Such a sweetheart. : )DC-newborn-photographer_0012DC-newborn-photographer_0013DC-newborn-photographer_0014DC-newborn-photographer_0015DC-newborn-photographer_0016

I love the folds in a newborn's lips. So. adorable.DC-newborn-photographer_0017DC-newborn-photographer_0018DC-newborn-photographer_0019DC-newborn-photographer_0020DC-newborn-photographer_0021DC-newborn-photographer_0022


Give me a fun-loving, adorable couple and a double rainbow, and I'll give you some magic! I had SUCH a refreshing afternoon photographing Drew & Morgan and their sweet pup, Fischer, at Berry College. We had to dodge some rain showers, but it was nothing compared to witnessing the gorgeous rainbow it produced afterward. : ) Can't wait for their wedding in Athens next spring! This is when we got caught in some rain...! They were good sports. : )



Photographing young families is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do. I met Addie Kate and her mama through photographing kiddos at the Rabbit's Nest of Rome last spring. I adored this little one's smile, and to my delight, she showed up full of 'em on the morning of our shoot! Witnessing the love in this sweet family made my heart grow a couple of sizes that day. Thank you, Cox family, for sharing your sweet one with me! Check out this adorable family, y'all, and Addie Kate's perfect little chunky legs and precious outfits! : )

LOVE this one so much! It really shows her sweet personality.

Look at those teeny-tiny espadrilles! LOVE!

Cute little ruffles on the tush!


I don't know what it is about this image that makes me love it. Maybe it's that Susie is so graceful. Maybe it's the way the light hits her veil. Maybe it's because I know she's looking at her soon-to-be husband off to the side. Regardless of the reason(s), I love it. Susie made such a beautiful bride. I'm currently finishing up editing her and Sean's wedding, which will land on the blog early next week. Until then, happy weekend friends!

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KERRI + MATT - Jupiter, Florida Wedding - Part I of II

Kerri & Matt got married in Jupiter, Florida (a beautiful place!) in early July. I met this awesome couple through another couple that I photographed in the Bahamas last year (love y'all!). Kerri & Matt actually met in the Bahamas; they couldn't be sweeter and more perfect for each other. I was lucky they chose me to shoot their rehearsal dinner and wedding. Here are some of my favorites from the night before the wedding! Don't miss the awesome animation at the end of the post of Kerri & her bridesmaids picking up Matt for a photo. Seemed like a good idea... : )

How sweet is this little girl? She had so many great expressions!

Before the sun went down completely, we stepped outside for some portraits. Beautiful light...!