You may remember this precious face on my Facebook page yesterday...

Today is the day to feature Ella! : ) While I always love the opportunity to photograph EVERY baby that I can : ), there IS a little something extra wonderful when I get to photograph a baby born to a close friend. Ella's mom, Allie, and I have been friends since high school. I can remember us in dance class and yearbook together like it was yesterday.

I was honored and humbled when Allie and Matt asked me to take photos of their fourth-month-old baby girl. Isn't she the sweetest? She has so many great expressions, and I loved the QT with her parents. : )  Allie and Matt are such naturals, and I am so proud of them! Congrats on your beautiful little bundle!

Allie MADE this mobile. How talented is she?! Mad skills!

I love Ella's nursery!

Ella looks like she's thinking about something really deeply here. : )

EEEEEE! One of my absolute faves!

Sometimes the crying ones are precious too...!

LOVE the chubby legs!!!

Love her little lips here...

That adorable black mop (hehe) in the right-hand side of the frame is their pup, Fleury. He's so stinkin' cute! For a better look at his awesome coat, go HERE. : )

I love how Ella's looking at Allie here. Melts my heart.


We had some friends move away from Athens recently, and while they lived here, they never had a professional picture taken with the Arch! This is the symbol of UGA, and it's pretty much a necessity to have a photo with it... so, I met up with them for a quick photo op. Don't you love her sassy peep-toe heels? Elyse & Patrick, I know you are just loving life at the beach (insert jealousy here)! : )


I've known Katie since our preschool days and she's always been the light of a room. Her personality is just so electric -- you meet her and you instantly feel like you've been friends for a long time. I met Matt the day of the shoot, and I felt the same way about him so this pair is perfect for each other! Katie and Matt's ease with each other throughout the afternoon was a breath of fresh air. And they were a dream to work with -- all I had to do was pull out their inner-models. ; ) We started out the shoot in downtown Belmont and then finished up at Katie's parent's beautiful lake-front home. We also incorporated Katie's dad's Corvette, which was a fun prop. Enjoy this tender couple!


Be prepared for a load of cuteness coming atcha! I had the opportunity and absolute pleasure to photograph the Walenczyk twins: Ryan and Zoe, who just hit their one year birthday in April. These cutie pies had some personality! To illustrate this point, I'm starting with a HILARIOUS photo where the twins were supposed to be looking out the window (shot requested by their dad because they do this often), and they both turned around and looked at me like, "who are YOU?!" I love it. Thanks to Christy and Jeff for allowing me some time with your adorable children! Enjoy these precious twins: Zoe's on the left, Ryan's on the right. : ) And Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the wonder moms out there!


In late March, I became an aunt to the most precious baby boy on the planet! My brother and his wife had their first baby and now I have a nephew!!! I could probably write 1,000 words about how adorable and sweet he is, but this is a photography blog and I'll spare you the gush fest. : ) I had the chance to meet Dylan, who was just 27 days old, for the first time last weekend and of course my camera met him too. : ) Enjoy this cutie pie -- you'll be seeing lots of him in the future!